Compositing 3d renders is a fun procedure just like cooking, you mix the ingredients together. In this exercise, I created everything from model, shading, uvmapping, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing. The real challenge in making it look real aside from good model is by uvmapping it correctly and adding realistic textures and bump mapping. The more detail the texture the more it will appear to be realistic. Add weathering and other imperfections will make it more authentic and real as well. After numbers of adjustment to the maps and texture and I check it with test rendering. After getting the results I wanted, I added 3d passes in my render settings. It includes Diffuse ,AO, reflection, specular, and shadow. You can add more render passes as long as it will help you with the results you want. Then I get them composited in Photoshop, tweaking some of the values and settings. I also added adjustment layers and lighting.

Things I did

  • 3d Modeling
  • 3d UV Mapping & Texturing
  • 3d Shading and Lighting
  • 3d Render Passes
  • Texture and Bump maps creation in Photoshop
  • Compositing in Photoshop


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