Odd Teatro is an online on-the-spot art show. Its pre-recorded and edited by The Odd Artist. Models gave brief background and stories about themselves. The Odd Artist quickly portrayed these information creatively and uniquely, together with their chosen soundtrack playing until their artworks are done.

Odd Teatro was inspired by the group called “Sketch Theatre“.The Odd artist creatively drawn the models’ personalities.

Watch and be entertain with the fast forward videos of the hand drawn people in Odd Teatro style.

Odd Teatro 01: Pancit Republic
  • Watch Video
  • Model : Pancit Anton
  • Music: Bombtrack by Rage against the machine
The integration of pancit noodles into his vibrant life as an artist.
Odd Teatro 02: Dianne's Destiny
  • Watch Video
  • Model : Dianne Estrada
  • Music: Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Major
Adventurous but lovely lady with a kick-ass talent in writing.
Odd Teatro 03: Fairy Nurse
  • Watch Video
  • Model : Jasmine Daluz
  • Music: I see you by Leona Lewis
With her beauty, talent and compassion, this turns out to be what she really is. She likes to be an avatar so I made a character for her that showed her unique qualities and abilities.
Odd Teatro 04: Tat Terminator
  • Watch Video
  • Model : Ronald “Otat” Ramos
  • Music: Black Sabbath
Techy and crazy guy who is equipped with digital art skills.
Odd Teatro 05: Untamed Kids
  • Watch Video
  • Model : Sandrea & Kyle Daluz
  • Music: Battling the Green Death (How To Train Your Dragon OST)
My cute little niece & nephew in their fairy tale characters.
Odd Teatro 06: Wild Gerbera
  • Watch Video
  • Model : Mailo
  • Music: Little Wings by Jimi Hendrix / Sung by The Corrs
Like a Gerbera flower, she grows wildly in love with the people close to her heart.

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